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Industrial Economics




July  Welcome class of 2019!



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Kosmas Marinakis (kmarinakis@hse.ru)

church and ware  



Tuesdays 15:10 - 16:30, auditorium K9




Shabolovka 26, 3421


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Open door: Tuesdays 16:45 - 17:15

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Basic Text:


Church & Ware: Industrial Organization, a Strategic Approach







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Assistant Lecturer Course Administrator Teaching Assistant
Valeriya Popova
Office hours: TBA (TBA)
Alexey Mikhaylov
Office hours: TBA (TBA)

Sam Petrosyan



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Course Calendar

Updated in a weekly basis according to course evolution.


Date Lec Topic Readings*  PS  HW 
Sep 01, Sat 0 Introductory lecture Syllabus
Sep 04, Tue 1 The firm (K9 at 12:10) T1 PS01 HW01
Sep 11, Tue 2 Investment, technology & concentration CW3, SG1 PS02 HW02
Sep 18, Tue 3 Contracts  SG2 PS03 HW03
Sep 25, Tue 4 Performance evaluation   SG2 PS04 HW04
Oct 02, Tue 5 Strategic interaction   CW7 PS05 HW05
Oct 09, Tue 6 Short-run competition  CW8, SG3 PS06 HW06
Oct 16, Tue 7 The Bertrand paradox  CW8, T5, SG3 PS07 HW07
TBA    Fall Test Lectures 1 - 7    
Oct 30, Tue 8 Repeated interaction & price wars  CW10, T6, SG4 PS08 HW08
Nov 06, Tue 9  Collusion & detection (K9 at 12:10) CW10, CW12, SG4 PS09 HW09
Nov 13, Tue 10  Strategic entry deterrence  CW13, CW14, SG5 PS10 HW10
Nov 20, Tue 11 Business strategies  CW15, CW16, T8, SG5 PS11 HW11
Nov 27, Tue 12 Non-price competition  CW11, T7, SG6 PS12 HW12
Dec 06, Tue 13  Proliferation, rebranding & quality   CW6, CW11, T7, SG6 PS13 HW13
Dec 13, Tue 14  Price Discrimination  CW5, T3, SG7 PS14 HW14
TBA   Winter Test Lectures 1 - 14    
Jan 08, Tue   TBA  TBA     
Jan 15, Tue 15 Market segmentation CW5, T3, SG7 PS15 HW15
Jan 22, Tue 16 Self-selection pricing CW5, T3, SG7 PS16 HW16
Jan 29, Tue 17  Advanced pricing CW5, T3, SG7 PS17 HW17
Feb 05,  Tue 18  Supply chains  CW22, T4, SG8 PS18 HW18
Feb 12,  Tue 19  Dealing & territorial control  CW22, T4, SG8 Video case study PS19 HW19
Feb 19, Tue 20  Market Structure SG9  Video case study  PS20 HW20
Feb 26, Tue 21  Industrial policy  CW24, SG10 PS21 HW21
TBA   Spring Test Lectures 1 - 21    
Mar 05, Tue 22  Antitrust  CW19, CW appendix PS22 HW22
Mar 12, Tue 23 Natural monopolies & regulation CW25, SG11 PS23 HW23
Mar 19, Tue 24  Regulation under asymmetric info  CW26, SG11 PS24 HW24
Mar 26, Tue 25 Networks   Class notes PS25 HW25
Apr 02, Tue 26  Platforms & e-markets Class notes Video case study  PS26 HW26
Apr 09, Tue 27  2- sided markets & tech standards  Rochet & Tirole (2004) Video case study PS27 HW27
TBA  28  Intellectual Property Lecture notes Video case study Video case study  PS28 HW28
TBA   Final Exam Lectures 1 - 28    


*Readings: CW: Church and Ware, T: Tirole, SG Study Guide 


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