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Research Areas


Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Experimental Economics

Analysis of Competition, Theory of Incentives, Performance Evaluation


"Are Tournaments Optimal over Piece Rates under

 Limited Liability for the Principal?", with Theofanis Tsoulouhas.

International Journal of Industrial Organization 31(3) (2013), 223-237 [Download pdf]

"A Comparison of Cardinal Tournaments and Piece Rate Contracts with Liquidity Constrained Agents",

with Theofanis Tsoulouhas. Journal of Economics 105(2) (2012), 161-190. [Download pdf]

"Tournaments with Ex Post Heterogeneous Agents", with Theofanis

Tsoulouhas. Economics Bulletin, Vol. 4 no. 41 pp. 1-9 (2007). [Download pdf]

Work in Progress
  “Incentives under Peer Effects: A Field Experiment”. [Download pdf]
  “Schooling and the Business Cycle” with Andri Chassamboulli (temporary title, work in progress).
  "An Experimental Study on Risk Aversion" (temporary title, work in progress).
  "Cardinal versus Ordinal Tournaments" (temporary title, work in progress).
"Commission Caps in Relative and Absolute Performance Evaluation " (temporary title, work in progress).



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