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ICEF professor Kosmas Marinakis will present a 2-Lecture Course on professionalism. The objective of the course is to point out all those details that differentiate a successful professional from the average amateurs. The course will focus on all aspects of professionalism: behavior habits image skills presentation ethics. The course will be split into two 80-min lectures:

Lecture 1: Mon, 27 Feb, 18:10
"Before you get the job"
Communicate professionalism in your CV, in meetings with recruiters, during the interviews

Lecture 2: Wed, 1 Mar, 18:10
"Traits of a successful professional"
International work ethics, usual mistakes, how to avoid ethical pitfalls  

Both lectures will focus to inspire professionalism and work ethics
rather that to teach you the technical 'how-to' of the job market

Auditorium K9
Higher School of Economics Campus, Shabolovka 26, Moscow

The course is open to all public. Seating will be limited.

All attendees must register online for entrance and to receive material pack.
Register here

For questions please contact miss Olga Nechaeva  (onechaeva@hse.ru).



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