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Public Speaking Seminar Series - February 2016





A 3-seminar series designed to teach you everything you need to know about the art of public speaking. ICEF and Econ Faculty professor Kosmas Marinakis will go over the secrets, tips, examples, real cases, do's and don’ts of how to present your work successfully in front of a live audience.




Part I: Preparation of your talk (16/2 at 18:10 at K9)


How to structure your talk, design your slides, manage the time, rehearse your presentation (duration 80 mins)




Part II: Delivery of the talk (17/2 at 18:10 at K9)


How to own the floor, set your speaking style and tone, break the ice, appear positive (duration 80 mins)




Part III: Interaction with the audience (19/2 at 18:10 at K9)


How to take questions, handle the crowd, deal with the “jerk” at the audience, get over stage fright (duration 80 mins)




The seminar is an activity that you may add to your CV and therefore we will provide a proof-of-attendance certificate to those who will attend all three seminars.




Auditorium K9 - Shabolovka 26


All attendees must register online for entrance, for diploma and to receive material pack. Register here.



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