Kosmas Marinakis, Ph.D.

Kosmas Marinakis, Ph.D

College of Integrative Studies, SMU

Current Courses

Economics & Society (COR2100), SMU

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Past Courses

Industrial Economics (4th Year, BSc.), ICEF, HSE
Microeconomics II (2nd Year, BSc.), FES, HSE
– Ph.D. Core Microeconomics – Faculty of Economics, HSE
– ECN 205 Intermediate Micro, Wake Forest University)
– ECN 150 Intro to Economics, (Wake Forest University)
– ECN 207 Intermediate Macro, (Wake Forest University)
– EC 301 Intermediate Micro, (NC State University)
– EC 202 Principles of Macroeconomics, (NC State University)
– EC 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics, (NC State University)
– EC 205 Fundamentals of Economics, (NC State University)